Aim to Wash Automatic Bidet Self Cleaning

Aim to Wash Automatic Bidet Self Cleaning
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  • Item # 90-7784
  • Brand: Aim to Wash
  • UPC # 052851077847
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AIM to wash not to wipe!

Reduces paper use by up to 80%
Uses pre-existing toilet seat
Dual nozzle selection
Connect'n wash in minutes
Requires no electricity
Made with quality brass valves
Durable brass connectors
Nozzle cleaning funtion
Room Temperature Bidet Attachment
Dual Nozzles
Self Cleaning Mechanical Bidet
Brass and Ceramic Valves
Brass T connector and Stainless Steel braided Hose
Easily installs in 15 minutes or less!
1 Year Warranty

What our customers have to say:
  • Arrived on time. Love the product! It was very easy to install. It as very durable valves and parts which I like. I like the gentle wash feature as well! Definitely recommend it!
  • Where are the pictures of the actual nozzles? how does it work. what do the controls do? this is very vague...
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