Cold Wax Persian Cold Wax Hair Remover 5 fl. oz.

Cold Wax Persian Cold Wax Hair Remover 5 fl. oz.

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  • Item # 80-7124
  • Brand: Cold Wax
  • UPC # 066427510003

 Persian Cold Wax - Extraordinarily Smooth

Washable Hair Remover. Face, Legs, Body

In the tradition of Eastern elegance & beauty in its purest form, Persian Cold Wax has remained unchanged since 1970. This authentic, proven hair remover works beautifully so, unlike any other.

Washable formula

All-natural ingredients

No heating necessary

removes hair from the root discouraging regrowth

Contains: 140ml sugar paste,

10 washable strips & 1 spatula

Read enclosed instructions & cautions before use.

Ingredients: sucrose, aqua & citric acid

Product of Canada

What our customers have to say:
  • i use to look like a monkey not anymore :)
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