Sadaf Mazafati Dates in Wooden Box 21 oz.

Sadaf Mazafati Dates in Wooden Box 21 oz.

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  • Brand: Sadaf
  • UPC # 685757208246

Mazafati Dates 

Imported from Dubai, these high-quality dates are a delicacy and considered a luxury for its sweet flavor and famously plump, rich texture. Versatile for it many culinary uses, enjoy straight from the box, alongside tea, or as a natural sweetener to your favorite dessert recipes.   

Ingredients: Dates

Contains: Pits

Product of Dubai

What our customers have to say:
  • Great product! Unfortunately it seems to be out of stock most of the time. I love the box! Reasonable price and a perfect gift for the holidays!
  • I bought this from a Persian Grocery store in Long Island, NY and it was just excellent...
  • Hi quality...fresh
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