Sadaf Nowruz (Persian New Year) Set # 2

Sadaf Nowruz (Persian New Year) Set # 2

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Nowruz (prounced “no-rooz”) is the Iranian New Year's Day, also celebrated worldwide as the first day of spring. The traditional custom of Nowruz is to arrange a Haft-Sin table, which consists of seven symbolic items which names start with the letter sin in the Persian alphabet.  Every item that is placed symbolizes something positive for the coming.

 We wish those who are celebrating a wonderful year. 


Babak & Friends DVD + Book

Samanoo 5 oz

Senjed (Lotus Tree Fruit) 0.5

Sumac 2 oz

Fish Seasoning 2.5 oz

Coin For New Years 1 Piece

Herb Rice - Sabzi Polo 12 oz

Wheat Unpelted 12 oz

Garlic 1 Piece


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