Patak's Chile Relish - Spicy & Chunky Hot 10 oz.

Patak's Chile Relish - Spicy & Chunky Hot  10 oz.

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  • Item # 23-6307
  • Brand: Patak's
  • UPC # 069276012209
  • Type: Gluten-Free, Vegetarian

Chile Relish
Indian relishes are preparations of exotic fruits or vegetables cooked in preserving agents such as sugar, salt, oil and vinegar and finally blended with spices. They are savory in taste and are traditionally served with Indian breads or as a main meal accompaniment. However, their uses outside of Indian food are limited only by your imagination. Try some with salads, cold meats or pizza or blend one part relish with five parts mayonnaise to make a superb savory dish.

Ingredients: Chili peppers, canola oil, salt, ginger, mustard, fenugreek, spices, acetic acid, citric acid

 This product may contain traces of peanut & tree nuts.

Product of The United Kingdom

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