Sadaf Grapeseed Oil 2 L

Sadaf Grapeseed Oil   2 L

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  • Item # 40-6006
  • Brand: Sadaf
  • UPC # 052851060061
  • Type: Kosher

Grapeseed Oil
Extracted from grape seeds and particularly appreciated for its light taste and high smoke point.

High smoke point 485

All Natural

Rich in Vitamin E (28 mg per 100g of oil)

Good Source of Phytosterol, (180 mg per 100g of oil)

Low Level of Saturated Fat

0 Cholesterol

0 Trans Fat

Kosher: Certified (OU)

 Ingredients: Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Product of Italy or Spain

What our customers have to say:
  • Excelente 4life
  • top quality grape seed oil. Makes the best tadig
  • come on please restock
  • We have been using this Sadaf brand grapeseed oil for a number of years since learning that it is healthier at higher heat than other oils and it has consistently served us well.
  • ain'i tried it yet.
  • I love this oil. I used to purchase it at Wal-Mart but they discontinued it...was thrilled to find your web site!!!!
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