Sadaf Special Blend Tea with Earl Grey 16 oz.

Sadaf Special Blend Tea with Earl Grey 16 oz.

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  • Item # 44-6150
  • Brand: Sadaf
  • UPC # 052851461509
  • Type: Kosher

Sadaf Special Blend Tea with Earl Grey Loose 16oz.
For years Sadaf Foods has been a family business, always producing different and delicious food products. Now we are proud to present Sadaf Special Blend Tea with its unique flavor and delicious taste. Sit back and enjoy the comforting taste of this delectable blend.

Ingredients: Ceylon Tea, natural and artificial Bergamot Flavor.

Kosher: RCC

Product of Sri Lanka

What our customers have to say:
  • Wonderful aroma and taste! I drink this all through out the day.
  • The best tea in the world. The right taste for those who are looking for real tea taste. This tea takes me home, makes me hear old music and visions of warm sunsets.... Use a glass never a mug.
  • Very flavorful loose leaf black tea. One of the best I have been able to find, and I have tried many different black teas. I like to use a level teaspoonful of this tea in a large, pre-heated (via boiling water) mug. Most of the tea goes to the bottom; the small amount floating on the surface can be removed with a spoon. There is generally no need for an infuser.
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