Sadaf Special Blend Tea with Cardamom 100 Tea Bags Family Pack Foil Wrapping

Sadaf Special Blend Tea with  Cardamom 100 Tea Bags Family Pack Foil Wrapping

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  • Item # 44-6120
  • Brand: Sadaf
  • UPC # 052851461202
  • Type: Kosher

Sadaf Special Blend Tea Cardamom 100 Tea Bags
Since 1982 Sadaf Foods has introduced delicious and quality food products. Now experience the unique flavor of Sadaf Special Blend Tea with Cardamom. Sit back and enjoy the comforting and delicious taste of this delectable blend at any time of the day.

Ingredients: Ceylon Tea, Natural & Artificial Cardamom

Kosher: RCC

Packed in Sri Lanka

What our customers have to say:
  • My friend from Iran offered me a cup of this Sadaf tea, ever since, this is the only tea I drink, it's caffeine gives me a boost in the morning or early afternoon, dont drink it too late. If you like Lipton tea, then you will enjoy this one even better, starting with it's individual wrap bag, color and opulent aroma thruout the room, then the flavor with a kick of cardamon, if you ever read the arabian nights, this tea would probably be name, will not dissapoint you.
  • Growing up, Sadaf products always lined the shelves of our cupboards and pantry. Now that I am away from home, missing the comfort of my mom's cooking, I am always happy to have my morning cup of Sadaf tea with cardamom. It is the one ritual I can bring with me into adulthood (without having to cook). I love the teabag version, because it is so convenient on the go. When I make noon o panir, I love to have the tea with milk and a little bit of sugar. I also often enjoy the tea just black, with a sweet dessert like baklava. Whenever I introduce this tea to American friends, the absolutely rave about it. It is simply the best black tea there is!
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