Celebrate Nowruz with Sadaf and Ralphs!

Celebrate Nowruz with Sadaf and Ralphs! - Sadaf.com
We are thrilled to announce that Sadaf has partnered with Ralphs Groceries to bring Persian Haft-Sin's to over 65 Ralphs locations.

We are excited to share our culture and celebrate together with you all.
As many of you may know, Nowruz is the Persian New Year, which marks the beginning of spring and the renewal of nature. One of the most important traditions during this time is setting up the Haft-Sin table. Haft-Sin translates to "seven S's," referring to seven items that start with the Persian letter S. These items include sprouts, apples, vinegar, coins, garlic, sumac, and senjed (a type of dried fruit).

Each item symbolizes a different hope or wish for the new year, such as fertility, health, and prosperity.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ralphs for their support and allowing us to share our culture and history. We are honored to partner with them to spread awareness of this beautiful tradition.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we would like to invite you to go find our Haft-Sin tables in Ralphs stores near you and take a photo with them. Post it on Instagram, tag @sadaf_foods and @ralphsgrocery for a chance to win $100 Ralph's Gift Card!

We also want to acknowledge that this Nowruz is bittersweet for many of us, as our homeland of Iran is still fighting for its freedom. As we celebrate this holiday, we stand with our people in their quest for democracy and basic human rights.

We wish you a Happy Nowruz filled with joy, prosperity, and new beginnings.

Zan. Zendegi. Azadi. | Women. Life. Freedom.
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