At Sadaf Foods, we uphold a steadfast commitment to transparency regarding our mission and practices. We acknowledge that there has been some misinformation circulating about our company, and we would like to offer clear, factual information to address these concerns:

Where was Sadaf founded and where is it located?
Sadaf Foods was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It is an American company, with all operations, including our headquarters, warehouse, and production facilities, based exclusively in the United States. We do not operate or maintain offices outside of the U.S.

Who are the owners of Sadaf Foods, and is it a family-owned business?
Sadaf Foods is a family-owned business, proudly owned by two Iranian-American brothers.

Is it true that Sadaf provides financial support to governments or channels its profits to any government or army?
No, this claim is entirely false. Sadaf Foods has no financial or political affiliations with any government entities. We neither purchase from nor provide financial support to governments, nor do we channel profits to any government or military organization.

How many countries does Sadaf import products from?
Our product sourcing is global, with imports from 18 countries. We engage with local factories and farmers worldwide, emphasizing partnerships with dedicated families and hardworking individuals. Our product range includes Kosher, Halal, Organic, and Non-GMO items.

How does Sadaf Foods select its international products and suppliers?
We at Sadaf Foods personally meet with each of our partners to ensure a strong, direct relationship. Our product selection is based on the unique culinary specialties of each country, aligned with the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. This approach guarantees authentic, high-quality products that resonate with global flavors and customer needs.

Does Sadaf bank with any banks outside of the US?
Sadaf Foods conducts all banking activities exclusively with banks operating within the United States.

Is there any truth to the social media video implying Sadaf Foods supports a particular country?
Misinformation has been widely disseminated on social media. A video from 2011 captured at a food festival was taken out of context and misrepresented as political. This issue was addressed in 2019; its original intention was purely food-related, devoid of any political connotations. And the company being registered in various countries is in reference to trademarks and intellectual property for brand protection only.

Our dedication to providing high-quality food products, sourced globally for their unique regional specialties, remains unwavering. We value diversity and inclusivity, working with people and factories from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We hope this information clarifies any misconceptions and reinforces our dedication to ethical business practices, quality products, and global harmony.

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