Sadaf Foods Brings Nowruz to Your Local Ralphs!

Sadaf Foods Brings Nowruz to Your Local Ralphs! -

Celebrating Nowruz with Sadaf Foods and Ralphs: A Tradition of Culture and Renewal

As the Persian New Year, Nowruz (also known as Nowrooz, Norooz, and Nawruz) approaches, Sadaf Foods is proud to highlight our ongoing partnership with Ralphs Grocery. This collaboration, now in its fifth year, brings the vibrant tradition of the Persian Haft-Sin table to over 55 Ralphs locations. Our joint effort not only celebrates the arrival of spring but also shares the rich tapestry of Persian culture with a broader audience.

Nowruz: A Time for Renewal and Joy

Nowruz, marking the first day of spring and the renewal of nature, is a significant celebration for millions around the world. This cherished holiday, whose name translates to "new day," symbolizes rebirth, health, and prosperity. Central to the festivities is the Haft-Sin (or Haft-Seen) table, a display of seven symbolic items that all start with the letter 'S' in the Persian alphabet. These items include sabzeh (sprouts), symbolizing rebirth; sib (apples), representing beauty; serkeh (vinegar), denoting patience; sekkeh (coins), signifying wealth; sir (garlic), for health; somāq (sumac), representing the sunrise; and senjed (dried oleaster fruit), for love.

A Five-Year Journey of Cultural Celebration

Our partnership with Ralphs has flourished over the past five years, allowing us to share the beautiful tradition of Nowruz and the concept of the Haft-Sin table with a diverse audience. As an American company with Iranian roots, Sadaf Foods is dedicated to celebrating our Persian heritage. Through this collaboration, we are delighted to introduce the traditions, flavors, and joy of Nowruz to new communities, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for Persian culture.

Sadaf Foods: Your Gateway to Persian Cuisine and Nowruz Celebrations 

At Sadaf Foods, we are committed to offering a wide range of high-quality products that embody the essence of Persian cuisine. Our offerings are a testament to our dedication to tradition, quality, and innovation. The Nowruz celebration is particularly significant to us, embodying values such as family, renewal, and joy. We invite everyone to explore this rich cultural tradition and share in the joyous celebration of the Persian New Year.

Savoring Nowruz Delicacies

Sabzi Polo ba Mahi, a dish of herbed rice served with fish, symbolizes abundance and prosperity. Kookoo Sabzi, an herb frittata, is eaten for good health and vitality, reflecting the greenery of spring. Another essential part of the Nowruz feast is Dolma, stuffed grape leaves that represent the filling of the earth with life. Desserts such as Baklava, laden with nuts and honey, and Sholezard, a saffron rice pudding, are enjoyed for sweetness in the new year.

Celebrate Nowruz with Sadaf Foods and Ralphs

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ralphs for their continued support and to our customers for embracing the tradition of Nowruz. Your enthusiasm makes this initiative a success year after year. We encourage you to visit your local Ralphs to discover the Sadaf Haft-Sin table and all the essentials for your Nowruz celebration.

As we look forward to celebrating Nowruz, let us embrace the spirit of renewal and shared culture. Whether you're familiar with the tradition or experiencing it for the first time, Sadaf Foods and Ralphs have everything you need to create a memorable Haft-Sin table and celebrate the Persian New Year with joy and prosperity.

Shop Now for Your Nowruz Essentials

Get ready to welcome spring and celebrate Nowruz with all the essentials from Sadaf Foods. Visit and your local Ralphs store to find everything you need for your Haft-Sin table and Nowruz celebrations. Let's make this Nowruz a time of joy, renewal, and cultural appreciation for all.

From everyone at Sadaf Foods, we wish you a Nowruz filled with happiness, health, and prosperity. Happy Persian New Year – may this new season bring you joy and new beginnings.